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  • Kitchen Renovation and Design in South Yarra, Melbourne

South Yarra Apartment Kitchen Renovation with Custom Joinery

Sometimes the smallest spaces provide an opportunity for the biggest impact, with the right designers on your team. Measuring at 2.4×2.4m for a kitchen, #MJHxMonaPl was no exception. Our first impressions on arrival were “wow, this is SMALL,” but we totally understood homeowner Mel’s passion for her South Yarra apartment lifestyle and wanted to make her kitchen a space she loved and that felt big.

The brief:

  • Incorporate a breakfast nook / dining area
  • Open up wall for flow and connection (Small corridor with separate rooms)

The design process:

  • Group key kitchen elements for how kitchens are used today – a social space where homeowners and guests are accessing the pantry, fridge and preparing meals. For this apartment this is also the area where homecooked meals are eaten.
  • Pantry and the fridge should be grouped together, you want to be able to open drawers and doors without obstacles etc.
  • Flow of the kitchen – we want to create an open feel.
  • Working with apartments: we want to remove a wall, how can we achieve this in a multi-storey building?

The Colour Palette

  • Wanted light and bright – the brick apartment building had limited windows etc.
  • Light colours make the space feel larger, bounces the light and adds life and airiness to the space
  • Natural timber tones to add warmth. Brick buildings can feel cold.
  • Client Mel wants to live there and for the home to reflect her personality which is extra important for apartment buildings to make it feel like home and really set your space apart from your neighbours.
  • Use of solid oak including timber shelving to balance out the warmth in the kitchen and finish off the edges. Complete the space. Matched the shadowline.